Social Responsibility
Great Wall Pan Asia Fully Implemented the Green Office Culture

As a significant overseas development platform of China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd., Great Wall Pan Asia Holdings Limited (“GWPA” or the “Company”) not only pays attention to its own rapid development, but also attaches great importance to environmental management and social caring, fulfilling social responsibility in different forms and different areas. To continuously enhance the sustainable development of the Company and strengthen the awareness of environmental protection of all staff, the Company formulated and implemented the "Great Wall Pan Asia Green Office Policy." The scope of this policy covers all the offices GWPA has operational control. This policy will also be updated from time to time in accordance with actual market conditions and international issues to cover more scope, thus benefiting the implementation of green office culture.

The policy shows that, the Company is committed to the materials saving, energy saving, waste reduction, and strives to
      • Minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy;
      • Reduce the creation of waste and recycle material whenever practical;
      • Ensure all waste is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner;
      • Monitor and evaluate progress and performance for continuous improvements. 

For more specific measures, please refer to GWPA_Green Office Policy

Apart from the continuous process to promote the office environment to be green, the company will take practical actions to infect more enterprises and individuals to join the ranks of energy conservation and emission reduction, making contribute to the society.

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